Glass is an organic material which catches light and reflects it with amazing effects. I have been attracted to it since my childhood, 

when I saw my father working on the bevelling of large mirrors.

I could find in the sculpture the possibility of creating a bridge between the nature of objects and the human essence.

In each work, I go through a first magical moment, in which I find myself face to face with the material and the creation of its shapes. There is a second moment when a dialogue is established with my creation partner: a high temperature oven, in the interior of which, ideas start shaping. Glass becomes liquid and that is when I can progress or stop time, alter the movement, change shapes… It is always a moment of intense emotion when I discover the piece which has been recently removed from the oven.

The sculpture in glass is resistant and fragile at the same time, it reflects the light which illuminates it, recreating its shapes, texture and colour shades with creative intensity.

Each sculpture I make is unique and unrepeatable. It contains the essence of movement and light. For me this is the most similar to the mystery of Life.

I consider that each exhibition of my sculptures is an opportunity in which I can talk to the spectators, who complete the work with their comments.

I have exhibited and won prizes in Argentina since 2000, (National Glass Saloon , Saloons of the Argentinian Association of Plastic Artists, V Glass Saloon, Raggio Museum, Yrurtia Museum, among other one )

I participated in Fair Estampa 2016 (Madrid), Art Expo New York 2016 (New York), ART WEEK BASEL MIAMI 2016, Argentinian Artist in Art of the Soul (Springfield) , Argentinian Consulate New York (july 2017), Circuit Artist (Barcelona , different spaces in 2015 and 2016) , Art Winwood 2017 Miami (february 2017), SCOPE MIAMI  (december 2017 and 2018) , TheVeniceGlassWeek in Venice,Italy ,September 2018 and 2019, and in many galleries in Argentina, Uruguay, Italy ,Spain, Slovenia, Bulgaria and USA.