Glass is an organic material which catches light and reflects it with amazing effects. I have been attracted to it since my childhood,  when I saw my father working on the bevelling of large mirrors. I could find in the sculpture the possibility of creating a bridge between the nature of objects and the human […]

Jemec, Gašper

Gašper Jemec graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. He continued with his studies at University of Pennsylvanija in USA and as a Herder stipendhist of Alfred Toeper Fund in Vienna. He received a great number of awards and exhibited across the world (from Moscow to New York).

Jemec, Andrej

He graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana where he studied under professor Marij Pregelj, Gabrijel Stupica, Božidar Jakac and Riko Debenjak. He received the Prešeren Award in 1965 and the Prešeren award for life achievement in 1994.

Jama, Matija

Matija Jama studied in Munchen where he got familiar with works by French impressionists. As Jakopič, he studied in Munchen at Anton Ažbe school where Vassiliy Kandinsky studied as well. He married a Dutch painter Luiza van Raders. He exhibite with group “Sava” at Mietke Gallery in Vienna, after that he moved back to Holland. […]

Jakopič, Rihard

Rihard Jakopič studied in Vienna. In 1890 he enrroled at Academy in Munchen and from 1903 he continued with his studies at Hynais School in Prague. In 1904 je exhibited in Vienna with the group “Sava”. When returning to Slovenia, he founded his own art school and an exhibition pavilion in Tivoli, Ljubljana. The painter’s […]

Jakac, Božidar

Božidar Jakac studied in Prague. He was part of the advanced literay-artistic movement “novomeška pomlad”. He worked as an illustrator and professor. In his early age his work reflects expressionism, but later he was recognized as a painter of lyrical realism. In 1947 he received the Prešeren Award.  

Iucundus, Bard

Bard Iucundus (born Leobard Oblak) graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 1973 and continued his studies in Paris. He was a member of Group 441. In his work we can recognize symbolic archetypes, supported on philosophical system of Kabbalah, ideas about the creation of the spirit and matter and natural […]

Huzjan, Zdenko

Huzjan is an expressive figurative painter. He graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. He is mostly known as a painter but recognized as a graphic artist as well.

Husić Sanela

Rojena bila 1985 v mestecu Banovići v Bosni in Hercegovini. Na Likovni akademiji v Sarajevu je leta 2003 zaključila študij kiparstva v razredu prof. Mustafe Skopljaka. Živi v Ljubljani, kjer se ukvarja z otroško ilustracijo.Sanela Husić was born in Bosnia and Hercegovina. She graduated from the Academy of Sarajevo in 2003. Currently she lives and […]

Music, Antonio Zoran

Zoran Mušič was a perpetual traveler through the twentieth century. He was born on February 12th, 1909 in Bukovica, a village next to the Karst Plateau above Trieste near Gorizia and the Gorizia Hills. His Slovenian family (his parents and their two sons) was forced from the area by the thundering artillery of the Isonzo […]